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The world’s first women’s specialty tea

The Queen is supreme, share the beauty and health!


Tea making process: K26 ripening tea processing technology.


Efficacy: Reduces pigmentation (about 25 days)


Karuna it is the Ripe Black tea with natural mint added. The high tea polyphenol content has obvious effect on spot removal, and there will be obvious changes in about twenty-five days! There is also the effect of ripe black tea to improve the health of women.


Ingredients: 100% Ripe Black Tea, natural mint (5g), no additives.

Net Weight: 50g.

Stotage Method: Moisture-proof, Sealed, Keep away from sunlight.


Brewing method:


1. Place 3-5 grams of tea in the teapot.

2. Don wash the tea use 90°C water to brew in 2-3 minutes.

3. Put the nature mint in the tea for a batter taste.


All Karuna essences come from natural and pure plants, then are vacuum packed.

Ripe Black tea with mint / Karuna

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  • Ingredients: 100% ripe black tea in vacuum bags, natural mint (5 g) in a vacuum bag, without additives with very low caffeine content, hermetically sealed, compressed.

    Net weight: 50 g.

    Storage:  protect from sunlight, store closed in a dry place.

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