Grand Matin coffee is the only blend of arabica and robusta. This combination will awaken your senses with an intense aroma of robusta with a slight hint of Arabic acidity, which will develop together into a full energetic taste for a great start to a new day.

We recommend enjoying it for breakfast.

Sensory profile: intense aroma with a nutty taste

Suitable for frenchpress or filter.

Le Cafe de Chamarel - Grand Matin (Arabica / Robusta)

225 Grams
  • The first mention of coffee in Mauritius dates back to 1715 during French colonization. However, it took many years for sugar cane fields to gradually turn into coffee plantations. In 1967, Arabica coffee trees were planted in the Chamarel mountain area at 280 meters above sea level, where they are still grown on more than 16 hectares of volcanic soil. It is the only coffee plantation on the island and is exceptional for its location near the Seven-Colored Land, which was formed by volcanic activity. The tropical climate, plenty of moisture and minerals from the volcanic soil add a unique taste to this delicious drink. To this day, coffee trees are harvested exclusively by hand from May to September, after which the fruits are dried, roasted and further processed in a roaster at the foot of Chamarel.