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Luxurious black tea in the original packaging and the symbol of Mauritius is the right choice for those who like quality, originality and uniqueness. The limited edition is a feast not only for your senses but also for your eyes.

The unique K26 method, which is used to make hermetically compressed ripening black tea Le Phare, will help you improve the quality of your digestion within 3 days and significantly improve sleep with regular use. Tea contains up to 80 percent of young tea leaves.


Connoisseurs of quality teas will appreciate this edition, while the K26 method contains up to 26 different procedures and processes, including 365 days of maturation.


Method of preparation:

1. Pour 3 - 5 g of tea into the teapot.

2. Fill with water at 90 ° C

3. Infuse for 2-3 seconds

Le Phare

30 Grams
  • 100% ripe black tea