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the Spirit of Mauritius

Vanilla is one of the most expensive spices in the world. However, few people know that the whole process of cultivation and processing takes several months.


Our vanilla comes from the island of Mauritius and is vanitus tahitensis. Its teats are fuller, flesher and much more aromatic than the classic vanilla bourbon.

Did you know that Mauritius is the smallest coffee producer in the world? This primacy rightly belongs to him and in the quality of its products it does not lag behind the coffee powers.

Coffee is grown in the Chamarel mountain area at 280 m above sea level and the plantations are spread over 16 hectares.

Domaine de Labourdonnais is known not only for its colonial house, but also for the production of amazing jams and marmalades from exotic fruits, which they grow in their own orchards. The variety of flavors is reminiscent of the island and its color, whether visually or gastronomically.


From now on, your bread or pancakes will taste unique!

Do you like sweets and fruits at the same time? The ideal choice is exotic candied fruit. A special way of processing fruit into sweet and fragrant jelly candies in a beautiful package will please everyone.


We have selected the best from Domain de La Bourdonnais for you. Top recipe, many years of experience and tradition will not disappoint you.

Tea culture began to develop in Mauritius as early as 1760. The ideal conditions for growing and processing tea in combination with a completely new technological process, determined a great future and popularity not only for Mauritius.


How about tasting 365 days of fermented tea? Is that not possible? With us, yes .... you deserve the best!

Dear friends, welcome to the magical island of Mauritius.


My name is Lenka and I will accompany you to the most beautiful and best places in this exotic paradise.


At the beginning, I had a dream to come here and spend unforgettable moments with my family and for several years to get to know the culture, people, religions and famous gastronomy.




Therefore, enjoy with me the variety of colors, amazing scents and a mixture of non-traditional flavors and enjoy the best for you and your loved ones.

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Spirit of Mauritius is here for you to fulfill your dreams through the premium products that the island offers.



You will find with us many inspirations, interesting facts and tips for amazing exotic gifts for your loved ones or colleagues.



We believe that a special approach to each of you will bring you many gastronomic experiences and pleasures.

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